Evgeni Malkin: Overshadowed and Underrated

The NHL’s Top 100 Players Of All-Time list hasn’t even been released yet, and it’s already incredibly flawed. When the full list is released today, January 27th, it will not include Evgeni Malkin. To the casual fan that watches their team play occasionally and peruses the NHL Network highlights, this might not seem like a big deal. It’s an absolute travesty. As someone who has watched nearly every shift that Malkin has taken in his career, I would have a hard

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Penguins to Host LGBTQ Pride Night

The culture surrounding hockey could certainly use some changing, and the Pittsburgh Penguins are taking a huge step in doing so on February 7th. The Penguins have partnered with the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh and the You Can Play Initiative to celebrate LGBT inclusion and equality in the sport of hockey during their game against the Calgary Flames. In many sports, especially one with such macho stereotypes like hockey, gay players and fans do not always feel comfortable or welcome. It

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The Phil Kessel Trade Is Becoming Legendary

When Jim Rutherford swung a deal to bring Phil Kessel to Pittsburgh, the critics were out in full force. “You can’t win with this guy.” “Phil Kessel traded for next to nothing and it’s a good deal for the Leafs. Really he had to go.” “They weren’t a Kessel away from a Cup, that trade gutted their system and sealed their fate.” Thousands of comments like this along with hundreds of unoriginal and not-even-the-slightest-bit-funny hot dog jokes flooded the internet.

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