Just My View 5/31/17

The world of hockey is fast-paced and filled with plenty of new topics every week. I absolutely love writing articles, but there’s not always time to cover everything. I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on all of the biggest topics through these weekly write-ups, which I’m going to call, “Just My View”. I’ll have quite a few of my own topics picked out, but I would definitely like to incorporate all of you into this. So, I’ll send out a

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The Final Hockey Fans Deserve

This isn’t a preview or even an article. I just wanted to express how happy I am about this Cup Final matchup.   The Nashville Predators Everything an expansion franchise could hope to become. A thriving and excited young fan base in a very unique southern market. Quit labeling these fans, “bandwagon fans”. The Predators are a relatively young team and the point of them being successful is for them to acquire new fans! Believe it or not, everyone is

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Why the Penguins Will Win the Cup

The Pittsburgh Penguins showed up once again in game seven and in return, they get a chance to play for their second Stanley Cup in as many years. Here’s a few reasons why I think they’ll be bringing the Cup back to Pittsburgh for the fifth time in franchise history.

Winner Take All

Another series, another seventh game. The only difference is that the Penguins have flipped roles in this series. In round two, the Capitals dominated play for the majority of the series, but were stymied by a goaltender who just wouldn’t let anything past him. This round, the Penguins have been the ones carrying the play. This round, Craig Anderson has been the goaltender stealing games. Let me be clear about something: The Penguins played just as well in game six

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Big Game Hunters

The Pittsburgh Penguins made sure to give Craig Anderson most of the day off for his 36th birthday on Sunday. The defending Stanley Cup champions hung four goals on the birthday boy in a mere twenty minutes and sent him into the locker room for an early slice of cake. That’s Pittsburgh Penguins hockey. If Kris Letang were healthy, we would’ve seen several of those performances by now. He’s not. Neither is Justin Schultz. The Penguins just don’t care. They

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Pay No Mind to the Netminder

“Fleury or Murray?” That question has been uttered probably more times than any other this season and it’s rearing its head again after Marc-Andre Fleury let in four goals in the first period of Wednesday’s game three in Ottawa. Those goals weren’t all on Marc-Andre Fleury. And the Penguins would be at home watching a Washington v. Ottawa series without him. Even including last night’s debacle, Fleury has posted a .924 SV% and a 2.56 GAA. Those stat lines hardly do

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Eastern Conference Final Preview

The Penguins have already faced their two toughest tests in the Eastern Conference. Look, I’m not taking anything away from the Ottawa Senators. They’re certainly a good team and they earned their spot in the conference final. They are not to be taken lightly. However, if the NHL puts together a competent playoff bracket, I doubt Ottawa makes it past Pittsburgh, Washington, or even Columbus if I’m being completely honest. Washington was the best team in the entire playoffs. They

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The Most Incompetent League

Sidney Crosby is the NHL’s best player, but you’d never know it if you weren’t a fan of the sport. From afar, it would seem as if he was just another run of the mill plug. Despite all of the fallacious narratives that the league protects Crosby more than everyone else, there is a cold, sad truth. The NHL doesn’t care about anybody more than anyone else. In fact, they don’t care about head injuries. At all. Only a week

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Capital Punishment

The Capitals should be afraid, very afraid. They’ve dominated all four games this series, and they’ve only came out victorious in one. I hear many people saying that the Capitals deserve to be leading this series. No, they don’t. Sure, if hockey were just five skaters versus five skaters and a piece of plywood in each net, they deserve to be leading this series. Teams don’t just pay those guys in the crease for nothing. Especially if they’re paying $5.75M for an

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Breaking Down the Niskanen Incident

One side is adamant that it was completely reactionary with no malintent, the other is sure that it was pre-meditated and Niskanen targeted Sid’s head. There’s so many ways to interpret this situation and everyone’s opinion will be different and swayed by biases, but I’ll do my best to break this play down objectively. Here’s the play: niskanen's stick gets crosby in the head pic.twitter.com/muR5IFbDhJ — evgeni malkin's ego (@EvgeniMaIkinEgo) May 1, 2017 Crosby is driving the net hard, as

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