Derick Brassard is a Penguin

  Jim Rutherford has done it again. To get Derick Brassard without giving up Sprong or Sheary is absolutely incredible. It was thought that it would take both of them to get Brassard to Pittsburgh. Replacing Sprong with Gustavsson and Sheary with Cole is simply sensational. It’s a very fair deal, which is hard to find at the trade deadline. This trade is a win for the Penguins, and there’s no doubt about it. Brassard instantly makes the deepest forward

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Just My View 2/21/18

I usually take questions from followers on this write-up, but today I’ve got something a little bit different in mind. I’ve been thinking a lot with the NHL trade deadline approaching, and the Olympics, and just so many crazy topics to discuss. Instead of answering questions, I’m just going to spitball my thoughts on everything into one big mashup. I hope you all enjoy. 1. Derick Brassard I think Derick Brassard is a hell of a player. He’s an offensive-oriented

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Just My View 2/10/18

Do you even think it's entirely necessary for the Pens to trade for a 3C while they seem to be turning the season around on their own? — hearta surgeon #1 (@ericlawrence_) February 9, 2018 You know, I’ve thought about this quite a bit. The Penguins really are turning it on. They really are heating up just like they always do when it starts to matter. Would the Penguins be hard to beat four times out of seven right now?

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