It’s Too Warm For Jackets

The Columbus Blue Jackets are toast.

They had as good of a chance as any to beat this Penguins team.

Besides the Washington Capitals, the Jackets were the only team in the East that could compete with the defending Stanley Cup champions.

With Marc-Andre Fleury playing at such a high level, I’ve never been more confident in a playoff series after two games. Sergei Bobrovsky, the best goalie in the league during the regular season, looks mediocre at best.

Bobrovsky had to outplay Fleury for the Jackets to have any chance to win this series. Instead, Fleury has looked like the Vezina trophy winner. Fleury is confident and he’s having fun. He’s overthinking nothing and he’s making it look simple. It almost seems like Fleury wants more shots on him. He made 39 of 40 saves tonight and a few of them were spectacular, including a denial of Pittsburgh-born Brandon Saad at a crucial moment in the game.

The Jackets goalie has let them down, but so has their coach’s barbaric gameplan.

“Let’s go out there and hit people and waste all of our energy and see if we end up beating the fastest, most talented team in the entire league.”

-John Tortorella, probably

Scoring goals has been secondary to engaging in scrums and trying to inflict pain on the Penguins through physical play for the team from Columbus.

Little did they know, these Penguins abide by one rule.

Two words.

“Just Play”

You cannot shake this team, they will take your cheap shots, laugh, and fill your net with vulcanized rubber.

This is the Penguins team we saw last playoffs. A special, close-knit group who thrives in big time situations.

Role players like Nick Bonino and Bryan Rust have already begun their transformation into playoff beasts again.

The Jackets came to Pittsburgh with the idea of rattling the Penguins.

They return to Columbus with no wins, rattled beyond belief, and all of the pressure on them.

Talent beats grit every time, and I don’t know about you, but it’s getting a little too warm out for Jackets.



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