Melnyk is Everything Wrong With Owners Today

I’m not going to sugarcoat this one at all. If you think Sidney Crosby’s slash on Marc Methot last night was anything other than a routine two minute minor with an unfortunate outcome, you’re either biased against Crosby or ignorant to the sport of hockey entirely.

If you can watch this clip, and find anything that renders Crosby a dirty player, there’s not much hope for you.

I mean, I understand that Senators fans are upset that Methot got injured and they have a right to be. However, that’s as far as I’ll let anyone take it. Screaming to the world that Crosby is a dirty player and “chopped a guy’s finger off” is just asinine. Seriously, I can’t even believe people are suggesting that Crosby somehow maliciously pinpointed his slash for Methot’s fingertip and performed some kind of jedi move to cut off his fingertip.

Anyone that plays or watches hockey on a regular basis can easily admit that this type of slash happens dozens of times throughout a game.

Even the Senators captain, Erik Karlsson, reiterated this after the game.

So, surely after this Senators fans and Crosby haters quieted down about the irrelevant play, right?

Quite the contrary, actually. Senators owner and regular loudmouth buffoon, Eugene Melnyk, decided to spew a bunch of nonsense and embarrass his fanbase (who already despises him).

Here’s the full context of what Melnyk had to say last night:

The only thing there isn’t room for in the NHL is bad owner like Eugene Melnyk. This is the same guy who said he was going to file a forensic investigation against Matt Cooke when his skate cut Karlsson’s achilles tendon several years back.

Melnyk isn’t even liked by Senators fans. He never spends to the salary cap and runs his team like a business. Winning always comes second for Melnyk. His priority is to make as much profit as possible. No sports owner with that mindset should be allowed to own a team.

It’s not fair to the fans, and yes, I’m looking at you Bob Nutting.

If Melnyk was just cheap, that’s one thing, but he’s one of the loudest and most obnoxious owners in the league. He always feels the need to speak out and every time he does he embarrasses his team and their fans.

There’s so much irony in this statement, I can hardly begin to unpack it for you. Whining about a guy who committed a routine slash (which his captain already addressed as an accident) and saying that he’s the whiner is just peak Eugene Melnyk.

Pay the bills, make your money, have an almost always mediocre hockey team and shut up, Eugene.


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