Murray Proves Hockey Players are the Best

Picture Via Puck Shots Photography (@Puck_Shots on Twitter)

When people become any combination of rich, powerful, or famous, their personality is often affected negatively in an exponential fashion.

There is no better example of this than professional athletes.

You can hardly go a day without seeing an athlete arrested for domestic abuse or drug possession.

In today’s sports culture, this is especially troubling. Children look up to these athletes as role models. They idolize them, and they’re too young to know that their actions are wrong. They see their idols behaving this way so often, that it becomes normalized.

What I’m about to say could easily be confused as a blanket statement, so let me clarify.

Every sport has their good guys.

Every sport has their bad guys.

But some have more of one group than the other and vice versa.

On the whole, hockey players are a breath of fresh air in today’s day and age.

Matt Murray helped solidify that Sunday when he stopped by a young fan’s lemonade stand.

Gavin, a young Matt Murray enthusiast and fellow Thunder Bay native, decided to take the initiative to make a lemonade stand to raise money for the Thunder Bay Humane society.

Lucky for Gavin, his hero is also an animal lover.

The Penguins franchise goalie is an active supporter of the Thunder Bay Humane Society.

He’s also obsessed with his dog.

Murray even has an Instagram for his Newfoundland, which is complete with monthly pictures of his growth.

A photography company based in Murray’s hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario sent out this tweet Sunday to help promote Gavin’s lemonade stand.

Murray got wind of Gavin’s endeavor, and helped make a memory that will last a lifetime.

Murray didn’t just leave Gavin with a once in a lifetime memory, however.

Picture Via Puck Shots Photography (@Puck_Shots on Twitter)

Matt Murray is the epitome of what an athlete and a role model should be.

He took a little time out of his day to make a moment that will last forever.

I’d be willing to bet Gavin’s love for helping animals will only grow after Murray’s visit.

I love sports, and I’ll always cheer for my favorite teams, regardless.

But it makes it so much easier to root for them when the players on the team are as wholesome as Matt Murray.

Hockey players are the best, and Matt Murray is proof.

You can donate to Gavin’s cause here, as he’s trying to raise $1,000 for the Thunder Bay Humane Society.


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