The Most Incompetent League

Sidney Crosby is the NHL’s best player, but you’d never know it if you weren’t a fan of the sport.

From afar, it would seem as if he was just another run of the mill plug.

Despite all of the fallacious narratives that the league protects Crosby more than everyone else, there is a cold, sad truth.

The NHL doesn’t care about anybody more than anyone else.

In fact, they don’t care about head injuries. At all.

Only a week ago, Matt Niskanen caught Crosby in the head with a crosscheck. Crosby left that game immediately to be evaluated for a concussion.

Last night, Crosby endured a play that looked just as malicious to his brain.

Braden Holtby’s stick appears to be more of the culprit than John Carlson when the play is slowed down.

Regardless, Crosby stayed in the game.

Amid a concussion lawsuit and only a week after at least Crosby’s third concussion, the NHL allowed the league’s best player to remain in the game, unevaluated for a head injury.

“Aren’t there concussion spotters for a reason?”, you might ask.

Well, this is what NHL deputy commissioner and chief legal officer, Bill Daly, had to say on the incident:

“Depending on the mechanism of injury, ‘slow to get up’ does not trigger mandatory removal. The protocol has to be interpreted literally to mandate a removal. ‘Ice’ as compared to ‘boards’ is in there for a reason. It’s the result of a study on our actual experiences over a number of years. ‘Ice’ has been found to be a predictor of concussions, ‘boards’ has not been.”

If that statement, doesn’t piss you off as a hockey fan, you may need to check your pulse.

The chief legal officer of the NHL, who is already amid a concussion lawsuit (!!!),  just watched the face of the league go head first into the boards at an incredible rate of speed and he says that it’s fine because his head hit the boards and not the ice!

What the ****!?

Regardless if Crosby suffered a head injury there or not, why the hell do you have some kind of moronic rule in place that if someone’s head hits the boards instead of the ice they can’t be pulled aside for a concussion evaluation?

You are being sued for this stuff right now and you just keep doubling down on the fact that you don’t care.

It is hard to imagine having this little self-awareness. And it’s absolutely frustrating.

I don’t care if someone’s head hits the boards, a stick, a skate, the glass, a goalpost, etc.

If the play looks that bad and there’s an obvious blow to the head, you check that player out!

Look, I want Sidney Crosby to play all sixty minutes of the game if he could, but health comes before hockey.

He has a history head injuries.

He is the face of the entire sport.

He is a human being who has to live after he retires from the sport.

He should’ve been evaluated.

The “play through it and be tough” narrative can’t die fast enough in professional sports.

There’s thousands of hockey games to be played.

You get one brain.

You get one life.

I am so frustrated and tired of watching head injuries be neglected, when the evidence is out there to show how traumatic their effects are and how important they are to protect against.

The NHL and its department of player safety is clear on absolutely nothing, except that they don’t care about their players or their safety.

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