Identity Crisis

When Mike Sullivan came to the Penguins, his mantra was, “Just Play”. When Jim Rutherford surrendered a first round pick and Oskar Sundqvist for Ryan Reaves this summer, he went directly against what had made the Penguins back to back champions. The Penguins were four lines of speed and scoring complemented by a defense who fed their transition game. The Penguins were not in the business of taking liberties. The Penguins ousted teams who decided to ice enforcers because the

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The Penguins are 9-7-3, and apparently they are doomed. According to many of the reactionaries on Twitter, the team should just pack it in now and not waste their time trying for their third straight Stanley Cup. It’s just too difficult to replace a 40-year-old fourth-line center, a mediocre third line center, and a backup goalie. Okay, maybe I’ll give you the fact that you might not be able to find a backup better than Marc-Andre Fleury was last season.

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I’m Back

I’m back. I never thought so many people would notice if I took a little hiatus from my write-ups on here, but my DMs are almost slid into once a day asking when I’m going to start writing again. Your answer is now. I don’t mean to get too personal, I know you are all here for hockey talk. However, I have been going through a lot of things in my life and I just simply haven’t been able to

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Just My View 10/12/17

Will Ovechkin ever win a cup playing for the Capitals? — Chase Smith (@smith_c8) October 12, 2017 Honestly, I love Ovechkin as an individual player, but I think his chance to win a Cup in Washington was last year. He’s not getting any younger and the Penguins are going to be good until he retires. Anything can happen, but I don’t think Ovechkin will win a Cup in Washington.

Just My View 9/24/17

I think Sheahan could be someone who plays on another level in a new situation, especially Pittsburgh. What’re your thoughts? — Devyn Pincin (@dpinc22) September 24, 2017 I was going to do my opening write-up on this, so it’s cool that someone asked it. I don’t think that Sheahan is as bad as his stat-line indicated last season. He’s not a two goal in 80 games player, but he’s no elite third line center, either. Sheahan is pretty decent defensively

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RANKED: Top 10 Centers

10. Auston Matthews Scoring four goals in his first NHL game should have been your first sign that this kid is legit. He’s a bonafide stud, a franchise player, and a natural goal scorer. Putting up 40 goals in today’s NHL is something only a handful of players can accomplish. Doing it in your rookie year is almost unheard of. Matthews was hard to slot on this list. I think he’s probably already better than a few of the guys

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CTE and the NHL

Just the other day, the New York Times released an article which further proved the relationship between the NFL and the degenerative brain disease, CTE. Dr. Ann McKee, a neuropathologist, studied 111 brains from former NFL players. Out of those 111 brains, all but one of them had CTE. To many people, this article was shocking. To me, it was anything but. The connection between head trauma and detrimental effects to the brain have been there in plain sight for

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Penguins Sign Dumoulin to Six-Year Deal

The Penguins avoided an arbitration hearing today by signing Brian Dumoulin to a six-year contract worth $4.1M per year. There’s no arguing that Dumoulin was a key part of both of the Penguins last two Cup runs. In the absence of Kris Letang, Dumoulin stepped up and provided the Penguins with quality top pairing minutes. Brian Dumoulin: PIT offer $1.95M. Player ask is $4.35M — Elliotte Friedman (@FriedgeHNIC) July 22, 2017 Dumoulin originally had asked for $4.35M entering arbitration, and

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