Just My View 10/12/17

Will Ovechkin ever win a cup playing for the Capitals? — Chase Smith (@smith_c8) October 12, 2017 Honestly, I love Ovechkin as an individual player, but I think his chance to win a Cup in Washington was last year. He’s not getting any younger and the Penguins are going to be good until he retires. Anything can happen, but I don’t think Ovechkin will win a Cup in Washington.

Just My View 9/24/17

I think Sheahan could be someone who plays on another level in a new situation, especially Pittsburgh. What’re your thoughts? — Devyn Pincin (@dpinc22) September 24, 2017 I was going to do my opening write-up on this, so it’s cool that someone asked it. I don’t think that Sheahan is as bad as his stat-line indicated last season. He’s not a two goal in 80 games player, but he’s no elite third line center, either. Sheahan is pretty decent defensively

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RANKED: Top 10 Defenseman

10. Dougie Hamilton I could have put a lot of different players at number ten. Leaving Roman Josi off was really tough for me, but I think this guy edges him out due to Josi’s lackluster play in his own end. Dougie Hamilton can do it all. At only 24, he is just scratching the surface of his true potential. He’s a fleet footed giant at 6’6″, who can bring it at both ends of the ice. Just last year,

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RANKED: Top 10 Centers

10. Auston Matthews Scoring four goals in his first NHL game should have been your first sign that this kid is legit. He’s a bonafide stud, a franchise player, and a natural goal scorer. Putting up 40 goals in today’s NHL is something only a handful of players can accomplish. Doing it in your rookie year is almost unheard of. Matthews was hard to slot on this list. I think he’s probably already better than a few of the guys

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Just My View 7/11/17

Jaromir Jagr It’s July 11th and this man still does not have a contract. That is an absolute travesty in itself. He’s second all-time in points behind only Wayne Gretzky. Third all-time in goals, fifth all-time in assists, and fourth all-time in games played. More importantly, the guy can still play and play well. Every team in the league would benefit from signing Jagr, and I really mean that. Good teams are getting an excellent top nine winger, who can

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Replacing Nick Bonino

Nick Bonino got paid. He also gets to play for a good team. I’m happy for him and his family. Four years at a $4.1M AAV; that’s what back to back Stanley Cups get you. He was here for two years and never lost a playoff series. He centered the HBK line and always seemed to score in the big situations. I’ll cheer when Bonino returns, because he played his heart out for this team. However, I’m glad the Penguins

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