Just My View 2/10/18

Do you even think it's entirely necessary for the Pens to trade for a 3C while they seem to be turning the season around on their own? — hearta surgeon #1 (@ericlawrence_) February 9, 2018 You know, I’ve thought about this quite a bit. The Penguins really are turning it on. They really are heating up just like they always do when it starts to matter. Would the Penguins be hard to beat four times out of seven right now?

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Just My View 10/12/17

Will Ovechkin ever win a cup playing for the Capitals? — Chase Smith (@smith_c8) October 12, 2017 Honestly, I love Ovechkin as an individual player, but I think his chance to win a Cup in Washington was last year. He’s not getting any younger and the Penguins are going to be good until he retires. Anything can happen, but I don’t think Ovechkin will win a Cup in Washington.

Just My View 9/24/17

I think Sheahan could be someone who plays on another level in a new situation, especially Pittsburgh. What’re your thoughts? — Devyn Pincin (@dpinc22) September 24, 2017 I was going to do my opening write-up on this, so it’s cool that someone asked it. I don’t think that Sheahan is as bad as his stat-line indicated last season. He’s not a two goal in 80 games player, but he’s no elite third line center, either. Sheahan is pretty decent defensively

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Just My View 7/11/17

Jaromir Jagr It’s July 11th and this man still does not have a contract. That is an absolute travesty in itself. He’s second all-time in points behind only Wayne Gretzky. Third all-time in goals, fifth all-time in assists, and fourth all-time in games played. More importantly, the guy can still play and play well. Every team in the league would benefit from signing Jagr, and I really mean that. Good teams are getting an excellent top nine winger, who can

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Just My View 6/29/17

Potential Bonino Departure In the salary cap era, you can rarely keep championship teams intact for too long. Other teams are always willing to pay the extra money to steal players away from the defending champs. As defending champs, you can’t afford to overpay for those role players. This is what the Penguins are facing with Nick Bonino. Mark Madden tweeted this earlier this morning: I'm told Pens have given up on retaining either Bonino or Daley. Will pursue other

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Just My View 6/23/17

NHL Draft At first glance, it looks like a weak draft this year, especially when you consider how incredible the most recent two have been. Don’t get me wrong, Nolan Patrick has the potential to be a franchise player, and Nico Hischier is pretty damn good too. Plus, I’ve always been a believer that you never really know how good or bad a draft is until several years after. Who knows, there could be future hall of famers scattered throughout

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Just My View 6/16/17

Joe Thornton Since I’ve finally come to terms with the Pens winning back to back Stanley Cups, I decided to delve into some offseason stuff yesterday. The first thing I did was pull up this summer’s UFA class. At first glance, nothing really stood out. TJ Oshie, Alex Radulov, Kevin Shattenkirk. A pretty underwhelming class of guys looking to cash in on their last big deal. Then as I scrolled down the list just a little further, I found my pipe

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Just My View 6/13/17

Daniel sprong does he play next year and if so with who? — Ryan Ross (@RossRyan8) June 13, 2017 Absolutely. Sprong plays a really unorthodox style and I don’t know how well that would mesh with Sid’s straight-line game. I like Crosby with Sheary and Guentzel. I would say that Sprong’s style would fit best on Malkin’s line, however Geno and Kessel have been great together. Sprong is a little selfish with the puck and that might be just what

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Just My View 5/31/17

The world of hockey is fast-paced and filled with plenty of new topics every week. I absolutely love writing articles, but there’s not always time to cover everything. I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on all of the biggest topics through these weekly write-ups, which I’m going to call, “Just My View”. I’ll have quite a few of my own topics picked out, but I would definitely like to incorporate all of you into this. So, I’ll send out a

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