2018 NHL Trade Deadline Tracker

Evander Kane

Stats: GP:61 G:20 A:20 P:40

Cost of Acquisition: High

Connected Teams: LAK, TB (Friedman)

There is always one name that stands out every season as the trade deadline approaches. A few seasons ago it was Andrew Ladd, last season it was Kevin Shattenkirk, this year it’s Evander Kane. Kane has plenty of character flaws. There’s no denying that. His off-ice behavior is the only question when it comes to his value though. Kane is a bonafide stud on the ice. He consistently produces offense like a first line player, even though he’s never played for a good team in his entire career. Kane is one of the fastest players in the league, which would make him an ideal winger on a team like Tampa Bay. He also brings a physical presence to go with his offensive prowess, which is something the Kings always covet. Elliotte Friedman has given us just a few teams that have inquired about Kane, but surely every contender will kick tires on him before the trade deadline hits.

Patrick Maroon

Stats: GP:57 G:14 A:16 P:30

Cost of Acquisition: Low/Mid-Range

Connected Teams: PIT (Friedman), WPG, BOS (LeBrun)

Patrick Maroon isn’t flashy. He’s not going to be the name that anyone is excited about their team picking up, but he just might be a sneaky good acquisition. Maroon produces offense at a great rate for a bottom six player. He could solidify any contender’s lineup. Maroon brings goal scoring, good shot generation and a big physical presence. He also tends to pick up his game come playoff time touting a .62 P/GP in the playoffs compared to a .46 P/GP in the regular season. Patrick Maroon is a low risk, high reward player that could definitely pay off for a contending team.

Mike Green

 Stats: GP:56 G:6 A:23 P:29

Cost of Acquisition: Mid-Range

Connected Teams: WSH (Rosen)

Mike Green was the last defenseman to score 30+ goals in the NHL. A feat that is simply unheard of in today’s game. Not Erik Karlsson, not Brent Burns, Mike Green. Green is a far cry from what he used to be in Washington, but his offensive ability is still there, and there’s always a market for right-handed defensemen. Any team that has the cap space and needs a good powerplay quarterback will probably take a hard look at Green. On the right team, he could rekindle some of his past form and be well worth the investment.

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