2018 NHL Trade Deadline Tracker

Mike Hoffman

Stats: GP:61 G:17 A:24 P:41

Cost of Acquisition: High

Connected Teams: STL (Friedman)

Hoffman is only 28, so teams would get some of his best years, as he still has two years remaining at a $5.187M cap hit. Hoffman is a pure sniper, who has scored 25+ goals in each of his last three seasons. Teams should never trade a talent like Hoffman, but if Ottawa makes that mistake, teams should be sure to take advantage.

Update: Though it seems less likely that Hoffman is on the move due to the chemistry found between him and Duchene, there are still rumored to be teams kicking tires on the 28 year old sniper. It is believed that Senators GM Pierre Dorion is firm on a high price that teams will have to pay to acquire Hoffman.

Max Pacioretty 

Stats: GP:61 G:17 A:20 P:37

Cost of Acquisition: Very High

Connected Teams: LA, STL (Friedman)

There’s no guarantee that Max Pacioretty will be moved at this year’s deadline. A deal this big is most likely something that would take a while to put together, which makes a summer deal much more likely. However, a talent like Pacioretty will be sought after by just about everyone. The last time a winger this talented was on the market, it was Phil Kessel. Pacioretty instantly makes any team 30 goals better. He’s big, fast, smart and a great leader who is dying to win. He’s scored 30 goals in four consecutive seasons. Pacioretty is also one of the league’s best values. He makes a modest $4.5M for another season, so he can fit under the cap for just about any team who wants him. The price shouldn’t be anything less than extraordinary, but Marc Bergevin is definitely prone to mistakes. The rumored price for the Habs captain is a young center, a scoring winger or a good defensive prospect, and a first-round pick.

Update: It was reported by Elliote Friedman very recently that the Canadiens captain wants out and would welcome a trade. They also reported that the Kings are currently the frontrunner among interested teams. It is rumored by the verified insiders that the Canadiens are looking for a scoring winger in return, with LA having Toffoli and Pearson there might just be a fit there.

Thomas Vanek 

Stats: GP:61 G:17 A:24 P:41

Cost of Acquisition: Low

Connected Teams:

Thomas Vanek is not what he once was. That’s not to say he’s still not very good, though. Talent just doesn’t fade away, and Vanek is no exception. He’s put up 16 goals and 40 points in Vancouver this year, which could lead a contender to take a chance on the old Austrian winger. He’s lost a step or two, but he still can inject instant offense into any team. Vanek’s versatility could be key to a contender’s playoff run. He can play in the top six or the bottom six and not look out of place at all. For a decently low price, Thomas Vanek is one of the better rentals on this year’s market.

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