2018 NHL Trade Deadline Tracker


Erik Karlsson

Stats: GP:56 G:5 A:37 P:42

Cost of Acquisition: Astronomical

Connected Teams: TB (Friedman), SJ (Lebrun), NSH (Yost)

It’s no secret that it’s only a matter of time until Erik Karlsson is traded. I personally think that every team should be working to acquire him as he is a generational talent and arguably a top five player in the world. There is clearly a lot more teams interested in the Swedish superstar, however Tampa is pushing the hardest. The deal will be a big one and when it’s all said and done. There will be a ton of moving parts that include top end prospects and picks as Ottawa is selling. If traded to Tampa Bay, Friedman believes that the Senators will want Namestnikov as one of the main pieces back in the deal. The Lightning have some good prospects that I’m sure would be involved in the deal if it were to happen. A couple notable prospects that come to mind would be Cal Foote (16-44-60 in 52GP for Kelowna this season) and Brett Howden (22-36-58 in 37GP for Moose Jaw this season.) There’s no guarantee that he goes to Tampa Bay for that matter but if the Senators are looking for high end prospects and a team that’s hungry to win the Tampa Bay Lightning are an ideal trade partner.


Things have advanced past the point of initial trade talks in any Karlsson deal. Now, actual players and pieces are being discussed. Third party teams are being involved now, with Ottawa wanting Bobby Ryan’s contract moved with any Karlsson deal and contenders unable to absorb it.

Ryan McDonagh 

Stats: GP:49 G:2 A:24 P:26

Cost of Acquisition: Very High

Connected Teams: TB (Friedman), TOR (LeBrun), FLA (Shannon)

The Rangers don’t look good. They are a team being carried by Henrik Lundqvist, like they have been for much of the last few seasons. The King can’t do it all, however, and it is becoming very apparent that the Rags are a flawed team. The way that their roster is currently constructed, there is no chance they can compete with the likes of Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, or Washington for a Stanley Cup. They have put off rebuilding for far too long, trading prospects for rentals to try to plug the holes in a sinking ship. This will finally be the year that they sell off their rentals. If they decide to go full-rebuild and make their captain available, McDonagh surely becomes the best defenseman available. He still has another year left at a modest $4.7M cap hit, and could bring New York a haul of great prospects to help them rebuild for the future.


Per Larry Brooks of the NY Post, the Rangers are going to blow it all up and sell at this year’s trade deadline. McDonagh, Nash and Zuccarello will be available.

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman says there is “smoke” around McDonagh to Tampa Bay.


Tampa seems intent on trying to make an Erik Karlsson deal if possible, but McDonagh could be their fallback option. He won’t cost nearly as much to acquire, and if they’re not willing to sacrifice a young roster player like Namestnikov, Sergachev or Point, then getting the Rangers captain might be Gm Steve Yzerman’s best bet.

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