2018 NHL Trade Deadline Tracker

Alex Galchenyuk

 Stats: GP:61 G:12 A:22 P:34

Cost of Acquisition: High

Connected Teams:

There’s not a more interesting player on this list than Alex Galchenyuk. He has one of the highest ceilings of any young player in the league. He’s only 23 years old and he’s already reached the 30 goal plateau on an offensive-starved Montreal team. Just imagine what he could do on a team with talented forwards around him. Galchenyuk has been a victim of bad coaching in Montreal, where he has been unfairly deployed as a fourth-liner despite consistently being one of Montreal’s best forwards. This could be good for interested teams, as Montreal has tried everything in their power to drive down Galchenyuk’s trade value. He will be worth whatever any team pays for him. He has two years remaining at a $4.9M cap hit. In a top six role, Galchenyuk will almost certainly prove to be worth that price and then some. If Montreal decides to move on from him, you could see a Justin Schultz-like resurgence with Galchenyuk on his new team.

Jack Johnson

Stats: GP:62 G:3 A:5 P:8

Cost of Acquisition: Low/Mid-range

Connected Teams:

Earlier this year Jack Johnson requested a trade out of Columbus, it appears that the Blue Jackets are willing to move the defenseman this trade deadline. It hasn’t been a great year for Johnson and him being a UFA makes it an easier move for Columbus. Johnson’s offensive production isn’t there this year but he still plays an average of over 19 minutes a night, any contender should kick tires on Johnson and see if the cost is low enough to take a chance on a low risk-high reward deal.

Zach Smith

Stats: GP:47 G:5 A:13 P:18

Cost of Acquisition: Mid-range

Connected Teams:

No one is too sure where or if Zack Smith is staying or going but wherever he goes he’ll fit right in. Smith has the ability to play center as well as wing and brings grit to any playoff bound teams bottom 6. Smith also brings depth scoring as he has 25 and 16 goals in his past 2 seasons. It’s no question his numbers would be better if Ottawa was a more competitive team this year. Look for his numbers to jump if he gets dealt.

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