Just My View 10/12/17

He’s about what I thought he would be. Sure, the goal he chipped in the other night was cool, but I don’t think he really helps the team at all offensively or defensively. He’s a great character guy, and he’s one of the best fighters in the game. However, I don’t think he really prevented Crosby and Malkin from taking any punishment. He adds a ton of entertainment value, and sure, it feels good to watch him pound on guys that deserve it. But let’s be real, the Penguins won two Stanley Cups with the “Just Play” mantra. I like Reaves, and I’ve been rooting for him now that he’s here. He’s an incredible human being and a great character to add to the locker room. I just don’t think we should kid ourselves and act like he’s going to help the team win games.

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