Just My View 10/12/17

I really like the young talented group that the Jets have with Scheifele, Laine, and Ehlers. They should be able to challenge for a playoff spot if they play up to their potential.

One team that has impressed the hell out of me, pun intended, is the Devils. They’ve been playing some incredible hockey so far. Their young core of Hischier, Wood, Zacha, and Butcher make this a completely different team. I don’t know if they can keep it up all year, but they certainly have the potential to be a good team in the future.

I think the Maple Leafs might end up thwarting the Capitals for the Penguins biggest challenger in the East. Auston Matthews is just amazing. His release is just unfair, and I don’t think his 40 goal season was a fluke by any means. Along with Nylander and Marner, the Leafs already have one of the most dynamic forward groups in the league.

In the Western Conference, Connor McDavid might be good enough to take the Oilers all the way to the Cup Final. Wouldn’t it be something to watch Crosby and McDavid go head to head on the biggest stage in hockey?

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