Just My View 2/10/18

You know, I’ve thought about this quite a bit. The Penguins really are turning it on. They really are heating up just like they always do when it starts to matter.

Would the Penguins be hard to beat four times out of seven right now? Absolutely.

Could a team like Tampa Bay do it? Absolutely.

I think the Penguins should undoubtedly upgrade at this trade deadline. In the NHL, winning a Stanley Cup is hard; winning them back to back is nearly impossibly, and winning three in a row is simply unheard of in the modern era. If the Penguins want to do it, they should gear up accordingly. The future is now. Assets are expendable. Do everything you can to make the most out of the Crosby/Malkin dynasty. If there’s a 3C out there that puts you over the top, make it happen. If not, go get a guy like Evander Kane. Get the best player available. Give your team every competitive advantage you can to make history.

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