Just My View 2/10/18

I absolutely love Marc-Andre Fleury. He was my childhood goalie, a consistent NHL starter, the best goalie in Penguins history and a one of a kind personality.

However, the Penguins absolutely made the right choice in protecting Matt Murray this summer.  In 13 years as a Penguin, Fleury’s best SV% was .921 and his best GAA 2.29. In his first full season, Matt Murray posted a .923 SV% and a 2.41 GAA. Matt Murray is 23. Marc-Andre Fleury is 33. It’s really just that simple. Fleury could win the Vezina this season with Vegas. It doesn’t matter. You don’t give up the best young goalie in the NHL, who is off to one of the greatest starts to a career ever because you are emotionally attached to the previous franchise goalie.

Change sucks. In sports and in life in general. It’s hard to let go of something that you love and care about, but sometimes it’s for the best. Tuesday’s homecoming for Fleury was the closure that every Penguins fan craved. After that, it’s time to move on. There’s a new franchise goalie here now. One that has won two Stanley Cups in his only two seasons as a professional. Any hate towards Murray because you miss the way the old guy used to smile is just blasphemy. Matt Murray didn’t ask for Fleury to get sent away. It’s just simply the way it had to be. Hockey is an unforgiving business, and it doesn’t care about sentimentality or anyone’s feelings.

Remember all of the memories that Fleury gave us. Cherish the way he filled in for Murray during the last Cup run in a way that seemed almost too perfect not to be scripted.

But embrace the changes and all of the new memories that will be made in the Matt Murray era. There’s no need to pick a side. There’s no need to play favorites. The situation was simply a matter of what made more sense for the Penguins going forward.

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