Just My View 2/10/18

Yeah, it would be pure insanity.

Matt Murray has won back to back Stanley Cups as a rookie (yes, he was considered a rookie for both). He has the potential to break all of Fleury’s records as the best goalie in Penguins history. His first two seasons, he put up better numbers than Fleury had in his best season as a Penguin.

I understand that Murray has struggled at times this year, but fans should remember that goalies usually aren’t nearly as consistent as Murray at this age to begin with. He’s had injuries and a family tragedy to deal with this season as well. He’s under contract for two more seasons at a very cap friendly $3.75M. He will almost certainly be worth that price. Murray’s career is off to a hall of fame start, despite a rocky beginning to the 2017-18 campaign. Any hate on Murray is unwarranted and any talks of trading him are simply nonsensical.

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