Just My View 2/10/18

The way I look at it, there’s only two teams that are real threats to the Penguins in the East. The Capitals and the Lightning. The Boston Bruins are really good this year, but I’m not sure the Penguins would have too much trouble with them. They just aren’t fast enough on defense to handle the Penguins forwards.

If the Penguins can get to the ECF, the threepeat is as good as theirs. The West has the Golden Knights, the Predators, the Jets, the Blues, and the Stars? I think the Capitals and the Lightning are both much more likely to oust the Penguins than any of those teams. However, you never know. The Stanley Cup playoffs are unpredictable. The Penguins have won eight straight playoff series, so the odds are against them. Logic says that the Penguins shouldn’t win 12 straight series, but logic also said they shouldn’t win eight straight. It’s going to be hard, but this Penguins group is a special one and they know they have the potential to make history. Again.

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