Just My View 6/13/17


Sprong plays a really unorthodox style and I don’t know how well that would mesh with Sid’s straight-line game. I like Crosby with Sheary and Guentzel.

I would say that Sprong’s style would fit best on Malkin’s line, however Geno and Kessel have been great together.

Sprong is a little selfish with the puck and that might be just what the Penguins need.

Crosby and Malkin are the two best centers in the game, but they often defer the shot to their wingers.

Sprong won’t be shy about letting them rip.

The Penguins have a logjam on the right wing and that’s not a bad thing at all.

Wherever Sprong ends up, I think he is going to surprise a lot of people next season.

He might need a little work on the defensive side of the puck after scoring at will in the QMJHL the last few seasons, but his offensive talent is off the charts.

Plain and simple, he was a top-end first round talent and I think he will go down as a major steal.

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