Just My View 6/16/17

Joe Thornton

Since I’ve finally come to terms with the Pens winning back to back Stanley Cups, I decided to delve into some offseason stuff yesterday.

The first thing I did was pull up this summer’s UFA class.

At first glance, nothing really stood out.

TJ Oshie, Alex Radulov, Kevin Shattenkirk.

A pretty underwhelming class of guys looking to cash in on their last big deal.

Then as I scrolled down the list just a little further, I found my pipe dream for this summer.

It just makes too much sense for me to stay quiet.

Jumbo Joe is 37 now and he’s yet to win a Stanley Cup.

He’s made a lot of money already in his career.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are favorites to win it all for a third straight year.

Unlike most Cup winners, the Penguins have a lot of cap room to work with this summer.

With Fleury’s $5.75M cap hit coming off of the books, Joe wouldn’t even have to take a big cut.

A one or two-year deal for $5-5.5M per would be more than fair for both parties.

Joe gets to play for a Stanley Cup.

The Penguins get a first line center for their third line center.

I hate the idea of superteams in the NBA, but the Penguins would be just that with Jumbo Joe.

Can you imagine one of the best playmakers in history on a third line with Phil Kessel?

All Joe does is pass.

Phil loves to shoot.

It might be a match made in hockey heaven.

Plus, they were both traded by the Bruins as young superstars.

Adding Thornton would make the Penguins the most fun team of all-time.

Lots of people scoffed at my idea of this yesterday due to Joe’s age.

With talents like Joe Thornton, age matters very little.

These guys will be productive until the day they hang up the skates.

I love Nick Bonino, but teams are going to overvalue him as a proven playoff scorer.

There’s not very many good centers out there and Bonino will be overpaid by a mediocre team.

Jumbo to Pittsburgh would exponentially increase the Penguins chances to threepeat.

I’m not saying this is going to happen.

I’m not even saying there’s interest from either side.

Joe has been in San Jose for 12 years, he might just re-sign there and finish his career.

However, they did strip his captaincy.

That could still be in the back of his mind.

Pittsburgh is a safe haven for under-appreciated stars.

Phil Kessel and Justin Schultz went from pariahs to two-time Stanley Cup champions.

If you want the Cup, you know where to come, Joe.

Let’s see that beard at Cup Final length one more time.

PS: If you want a more analytical breakdown of the Penguins and Jumbo Joe, one of my favorite bloggers put together a great piece on the topic.

Check it out here.

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