Just My View 6/23/17

They’re going to be bad, no doubt about it.

McPhee made some really strange picks at the expansion draft as well.

I don’t have any clue why he would take a guy like Chris Thorburn.

Of course, McPhee is the same guy that trade Filip Forsberg for Martin Erat.

Vegas is in a pretty tough spot though.

They won’t be able to compete in the first year.

They’d clearly be better off selling all of their good players for high draft picks.

But they’ve got to try their best to be somewhat competitive in the first few years to establish a fan base and garner support from the community.

I have no clue how the Vegas experiment is going to work out.

It could explode and be a hit.

It could also get left in the dust with all of the other attractions available in Sin City.

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