Just My View 6/23/17

Teams around the league love to copy the approach of the defending Stanley Cup champions.

The Penguins have the two best players in the world on bargain contracts.

You can’t replicate that.

They also have Phil Kessel at a discounted rate of $6.8M and Kris Letang at $7.25M.

As the salary cap continues to climb and climb, the Penguins will be at more of an advantage.

Guys that are half as good as Crosby and Malkin will be making the same salary.

Guys that are as good as them, like McDavid will be making $14M per season.

No other team will be able to compete with the cap flexibility that the Penguins will have.

I used to say this quite often, even before these last two Cups.

We might have seen the best of Crosby and Malkin, but the best Penguins teams are yet to come.

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