Just My View 6/29/17

Potential Bonino Departure

In the salary cap era, you can rarely keep championship teams intact for too long. Other teams are always willing to pay the extra money to steal players away from the defending champs. As defending champs, you can’t afford to overpay for those role players. This is what the Penguins are facing with Nick Bonino.

Mark Madden tweeted this earlier this morning:

Now, say what you want about Madden, but he has his sources within the Penguins organization.

It’s hard to part ways with a guy that his won two Cups in his first two years, but that is exactly what the Penguins should do. You win Cups in the salary cap era by building a strong core and surrounding them with cheap, effective role players. Overpaying a guy like Bonino is something that a championship team can not afford to do.

Now, Penguins management must prove their worth. They didn’t have much roster turnover last offseason, but now they’ll face a lot of it. They have to find more key role players to succeed guys like Bonino.

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