Just My View 7/11/17

Jaromir Jagr

It’s July 11th and this man still does not have a contract.

That is an absolute travesty in itself.

He’s second all-time in points behind only Wayne Gretzky. Third all-time in goals, fifth all-time in assists, and fourth all-time in games played. More importantly, the guy can still play and play well.

Every team in the league would benefit from signing Jagr, and I really mean that.

Good teams are getting an excellent top nine winger, who can provide instant offense. Jagr has the skill to slot in at a top six role and provide your team’s best players with a quality linemate. There’s no doubt that Jagr still has it in him to play with good players and keep up.

He also has the versatility to add depth scoring to any bottom six. The key to winning a Stanley Cup is having scoring throughout your lineup. The Penguins demonstrated this in back to back years, most notably in 2016 with the HBK line.

Bad teams get a marketing tool like no other. If no other team offers Jagr a contract, Vegas better make sure they jump on the opportunity. I think Vegas has a decent team for an expansion club, but they’re going to be bad for a few years. If the team is awful, they might have trouble selling tickets after the initial hype dies down a bit. Jaromir Jagr will continue to sell tickets, no matter how bad the team is. I don’t think that there’s a personality that fits better in Vegas than Jagr. He’d be the player that never stops in the city that never sleeps.

Actually, on second thought, if Jagr goes to Vegas we might never see him again.

Someone just sign the guy already.

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