Just My View 9/24/17

You know, I was expecting this to come up. I’ll definitely address it with my honest feelings.

I think the Penguins are in a really unique situation. Most of the team isn’t American.

It’s wrong to expect the individual players to stand up and not go. If the Penguins weren’t going to go, they needed to come together as an organization and make that call.

I think Trump’s comments were appalling. Calling a group of black men “sons of bitches” for peacefully protesting is just not something the President should ever do. Even if he disagreed with the anthem protest, he should respect the first amendment. I mean, if you’re the President, you shouldn’t be calling Americans derogatory terms, especially for exercising their rights.

I don’t even think the President realizes that these players are protesting police brutality and not the flag or the anthem or the veterans. America is great because people have the freedom to protest by not standing for the anthem. That’s what makes us different from dictatorships. I’m not going to tell anyone how to feel about this topic. I respect everyone’s viewpoints and I expect the same in return.

Personally, I wish the Penguins weren’t going to the White House, and specifically I think their statement was poorly timed. I understand that they are trying to stay out of the politics of it, but by releasing that statement they put themselves right in the middle of them.

Honestly, no other NHL team would have done any differently. The NHL is predominantly white Canadians. The Penguins actually would have been the team most likely not to go to the White House because owner Ron Burkle is a very predominant progressive who has donated millions to the Democratic party. The Penguins president David Morehouse is actually a former Clinton staff member as well.

I didn’t expect the Penguins to not go to the White House and it won’t affect the way I cheer for them on the ice. They had an opportunity to take a stand, but they didn’t. I will be curious to see if any individual players decline to visit the White House.

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