RANKED: Top 10 Centers

4. John Tavares

Don’t let his dip in points last season fool you, because John Tavares is as talented as it gets when it comes to centers in today’s NHL. He’s been the bright spot on a team that has been mostly bad his entire career. He never complained or demanded a trade, instead he led the Islanders to the playoffs three times. Islanders GM Garth Snow’s poor decision making has wasted a lot of Tavares’s talent. Snow could never find Tavares a talented winger to work with. He traded away Tavares winger of choice, Matt Moulson to acquire Thomas Vanek, who would be traded away later for less than he was acquired for. Snow then signed the aging Andrew Ladd for far more than he’s worth. Snow just recently acquired Jordan Eberle to play alongside Tavares, but it’s yet to be seen how that will work out. No matter what, Tavares will continue to produce at an elite level with a less than ideal team around him.


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